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This test session has been a calm one. Every power supply I tested for this review delivered the characteristics specified by their manufacturers and showed quality that matched their price category.

Of course, the Gigabyte Odin GT stands out among the other products as it boasts a full-featured system of monitoring and control. If such technologies take off for real, this will be one more step to transforming the PC from a black box (as it is today in some aspects even to professionals) into a system whose functioning is obvious and transparent. At least, the Odin GT makes it very easy to solve the problem of noise from your PSU and of the appropriateness of the PSU for your particular PC configuration. The question “how many watts do I need for such a system?” is the most frequently asked one at every PSU-related forum after all. Hopefully, such technologies will soon be available not only in expensive PSUs but also in mainstream models.

The products from Corsair and Zalman are interesting, too, in different ways. The Zalman ZM860-HP operates extremely quietly while the Corsair CMPSU-750TX has standard ATX dimensions and is cooled significantly better.

The PSUs from AcBel and Gigabyte – the junior model in Gigabyte’s line-up is actually manufactured by AcBel, though – seem to be rather inexpensive but high-wattage, functional and quiet devices. The only thing I don’t quite like about these PSUs is that both companies wrote the peak, rather than continuous, output power into the product names. So, AcBel added 50W to its products while Gigabyte added as much as 100W to the Superb 550.

Anyway, Gigabyte’s debut on the PSU market should be considered a definite success. All the three PSU models from this brand that I have tested demonstrated very good results over the entire test session.

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