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Now I will briefly outline the highs and lows of the Chieftec power supplies I have tested in this review.

The models that come bundled with Chieftec system cases are rather typical entry-level power supplies. The biggest problem with them is that they do not match the class of the system case they sell together with. These PSUs would be perfect in cheaper and compact system cases for office computers, but it is ridiculous having four SATA power plugs in a huge Big Tower case. If such a power supply suits you fine, there is no point in buying a Big Tower. But you will probably have to replace the bundled PSU if you’ve bought the system case for an appropriate configuration.

Besides, the three models are all based on Delta Electronics’ platform which is known to be incompatible with UPSes (this was confirmed in my test, too). And the junior two models (400W and 450W) also proved to be quite noisy.

The Turbo Power series products are based on a widespread platform from Channel Well. It is good indeed, and the PSUs have excellent electrical parameters and reasonable noisiness, but this platform actually sells under about half the brands present on today’s PSU market. The manufactures can only distinguish their products with design and functionality, and Chieftec is no good in this respect, equipping its expensive 850W power supply with only four SATA connectors. Why? I just don’t know. An extra cable included into the box would cost a trifle. And the user would have the choice of using or not using it since the PSU has detachable cables.

Of course, you can always use adapters, but why if the opponent products cost the same money and offer six to eight SATA connectors?

Thus, it is only the Super Power series that I can find impeccable, except for UPS incompatibility (but not all users have UPSes). These PSUs are very good, delivering high output power and excellent electrical parameters. They are quiet and have a normal selection of connectors which will suit not only a home/gaming PC but also a workstation or even a small file server.

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