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The hi-tech industry is incessantly moving forward, breeding ever faster processors and graphics cards, and the power consumption and heat generation of these devices is growing up ever higher alongside. When people buy a high-end computer they sometimes care little about the system case. Some even regard the case is just a container for the components – put them in and it will work. Well, sometimes it won’t, and you’ll see all manner of “blue screens of death”, spontaneous reboots and hang-ups. A majority of such problems come as a result of insufficient cooling or lack of power from the power supply.

So, it makes sense to buy a normal system case right from the start than to solve the mystery of the glitch later. You shouldn’t try to save on the case – it’s a kind of situation when paying more today saves you more tomorrow.

It is also a widespread opinion today that true upgrade (piecemeal replacement of computer components with more advanced ones) is impossible. But the system case I am going to discuss refutes such opinions.

Closer Look

So, this review is dedicated to the Stacker system case from Cooler Master. The first impression you get when you see it is that this is a very serious product. And then you get your second impression as you try to lift it up…

The silvery color of the case is the color of unpainted aluminum the external paneling is made of. The chassis is made of true steel, though. The face panel of the case is black, with aluminum insertions on the sides. Accessory things come enclosed. These are four lockable wheels, a pack of screws, plastic rails for fastening devices in the 5.25” bays, a cable for joint operation of two power supplies, two plates for fastening the PSUs. The screws are numerous, so you are unlikely to run short of them during the assembly process.

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