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There are vent holes in the right panel of the system case, too. They are located right against the place for mounting a cross-flow fan which I will discuss shortly. For an easier removal of the side panel, handles were pressed out in them. The right side panel is fastened with two thumbscrews, just like the left one.

The top panel of the case is made of iron and cannot be removed. There’s a rectangular meshed vent in the center of this panel. On the reverse side, there’s an 80mm exhaust fan installed against this vent.

The system case stands on small feet that are fastened to the bottom panel. You also receive wheels you can replace the feet with. I recommend you to do that because it’s going to be rather difficult to move the computer you’ll assemble in this case about (the weight of the case alone is a little over 16kg, and add also the weight of the components). It’s easier to roll than to carry it.


Now that we’ve examined each of the case’s panels, let us get inside. What designing solutions does Cooler Master have in store for us? I took off the left side panel and saw the infinite spaces inside the CM Stacker:


The stack of 5.25” bays is eye-catching, so let’s start with it.

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