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After installing all the devices, you can put back the faceplates and enjoy this beauty:

There’s a vent in the bottom side of the case, covered with a metal grid.

A 120mm exhaust fan is located at the rear panel. The seven slits for the expansion cards are positioned rather higher than usual. It is because this system case allows installation of two power supplies, and the second PSU is to be put at the very bottom. The expansion slits are covered with reusable brackets on thumbscrews.

The system case comes without a power supply, so I installed a Thermaltake HPC-420-302 DF with a declared wattage of 420 watts to run my tests.

If you’ve got just a single power supply, you can use the space reserved for a second one to install two additional 80mm fans. This can be done easily: extract the bracket that covers the PSU bay, attach the cooler to it, and put the bracket back.

The mainboard is fastened to the mounting plate in the classic way, with screws, via metal pegs. There’s a hole at the right part of the plate for a cross-flow fan. Unfortunately, the fan is not included with the case, so I just publish its snapshot taken from the manufacturer’s website:

As I said above, this system case permits installation of ATX as well as BTX mainboards.

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