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I really enjoyed assembling a computer in this system case and had no troubles at all in doing so. Thanks to the large dimensions of this case, you have an easy access to every subsystem of your PC. The metal chassis of the case is 1mm thick. This adds robustness, but of course makes it heavier.

As for downsides, I did find one fault with the case’s acoustic characteristics. No, I have no complaints about the fans, it’s more intricate than that. As you remember, the faceplates on the front panel have a plastic base and a decorative metal grid attached to it. In other words, the faceplate is a kind of sieve. It means you don’t have any soundproofing at all. So if you’ve got a noisy hard drive, get prepared to listen to its songs because you will hear them quite clearly. It’s all right if there’s a single drive in the system. It is worse when you have three and singing in chorus.

Another minor defect is that the side panels are made of unpolished and unpainted aluminum. If they get dirty, you won’t find it easy to scrape the dirt away.

I think that Cooler Master’s Stacker would be an interesting product for wealthy PC enthusiasts (the problem is how large this target group is). The design and built quality make it a good choice for a file server on a local network or an advanced workstation. By the way, you can put a water-cooling system instead of a second power supply or try to experiment with Freon-based coolers… The case will also keep even advanced gaming configurations cool.

But the retail price of the Cooler Master Stacker – without a power supply! – is about $200. You may think this price a bit steep, but think again! This system case will easily last through several upgrades of your computer, so why will you spend money for a new case each time you upgrade if you can buy this system case once and for all? But of course, it’s your personal choice, as ever.

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