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Now let’s compare the system cases with each other as well as with an open testbed.

The GMC H-80 is better than the others at minimum load. The Zalman looks good, too, but is inferior to the leader, especially in terms of HDD temperatures. The Cooler Master is rather disappointing; its cooling performance is poor at the minimum speed of the fan.

The tested products fall into two groups at high disk load: the GMC and Zalman handle this load easily whereas the Cooler Master and Foxconn have problems, some HDDs getting as hot as 50°C and more in them.

We’ve got the same two leaders at high CPU load: the system cases from GMC and Zalman.

3DMark points at the same two products as leaders in terms of cooling. The difference is not as high as at peak load on particular components, yet easily observable. We guess the GMC can be called the overall winner as its 250mm fan cools the mainboard excellently and the HDDs have closer temperatures in it, as opposed to the Zalman.


The GMC H-80 leaves the best impression after our tests. If you don’t mind its original appearance, you can buy it and enjoy good cooling, reliable design and low noise. The only downside is that the small space behind the mainboard makes it hard to lay the cables out neatly.

The Zalman Z7 Plus is a good product, too. Zalman looks competitive on the market of inexpensive system cases, the Z7 Plus being free from serious defects.

The Foxconn G007 is a brave attempt to enter the market of gaming system cases. The G007 is more advanced than its predecessors in terms of design and functionality, and its appearance is original. However, this system case doesn’t look good against products from the more renowned brands from a technical point of view. It has some obvious drawbacks.

The Cooler Master USP 100 is going to be a good choice for building any computer, save for the most advanced configurations. Its downsides are the inconvenient system for hiding cables and rather weak cooling (in its basic configuration).

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