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The specs are identical to those of the previous model except that the combined load capacity of the +3.3V and +5V rails is rounded off from 183 to 180 watts.

Thus, the only notable difference of the newer PSU is that it is certified for the stricter 80 PLUS Silver requirements.

UPS Compatibility

Working together with our SmartUPS SC 620, this PSU was stable at loads up to 410 watts when powered by the mains but couldn’t switch to the UPS’s batteries even at 280 watts.

Cross-Load Voltage Stability

You forget about the scanty accessories and somewhat higher price when you check out the electrical parameters of this PSU compared to its predecessor.

The +12V voltage is perfect. It is within 2% of the required level at most loads.

The +5V voltage is more than 2% off the required level only when there’s a near-maximum load on the +12V rail.

The +3.3V voltage is the least stable of all. It can be 3% off when there’s a high load on the +12V rail.

Overall, the Silent Pro M2 1000W is very good in the cross-load stability test for a PSU without dedicated voltage regulation. Many PSUs that have the latter feature perform worse in this test.

Output Voltage Ripple

The high-frequency output voltage ripple is somewhat stronger than with the previous model, but remains within the permissible limits. Moreover, there are no high voltage spikes that could be observed with the Silent Pro M.

The low-frequency voltage ripple is only noticeable on the +12V rail.

Temperature and Noise

The Silent Pro M2 1000W is cooled by an 11-blade 135mm fan that carries a Cooler Master logo. The actual maker is also indicated in small print. It is Young Lin Tech and the fan model is DFS132512M. Its specified speed is 1500 RPM.

The start speed of the fan is much lower than with the previous PSU at only 700 RPM. This is satisfactory even for very quiet PCs.

The fan begins to accelerate sooner, at a load of 600 watts, but does this less rapidly, reaching a peak speed of 1500 RPM at full load. Thus, the Silent Pro M2 1000W is quieter than its predecessor at any load and is generally very quiet for its class.

Efficiency and Power Factor

The Silent Pro M2 1000W is 88.9%, 89.4% and 85.5% efficient at the reference loads of 20%, 50% and 100%, respectively. It meets the 80 PLUS Silver requirements. Its peak efficiency of 90% can be observed at a load of 386 watts.

The power factor is about 97% at high loads, which is somewhat lower than what you normally expect from a PSU with active power factor correction.

Standby Source

The standby source does its job without a problem.


The Silent Pro M2 1000W is superior to its predecessor in the key electrical parameters: voltage stability and efficiency. It is also much quieter (even though the older model itself was only noisy at very high loads). These advantages justify the somewhat higher price and scantier accessories, although the Taicon capacitors raise our concerns anyway.

And make sure the selection of cables suits your configuration. Otherwise, you may have problems connecting your components to this PSU.

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