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Now let’s compare the system cases with each other as well as with an open testbed.

The Zalman is somewhat better under low load, its components being cooler than in the Cooler Master case. Interestingly, there is a notable difference in GPU temperature although our graphics card has a dual-slot cooler which should not depend much on the ventilation of the system case.

When under high disk subsystem load, the HDDs behind the fan in the Cooler Master feel just as good as in the Zalman. But the HDDs that don’t receive any air flow get 5°C hotter, which is quite a difference.

The Zalman is better under high CPU load, too. Of course, the Cooler Master becomes almost as effective in terms of cooling when you set the highest speed for its fans, but it is inferior in terms of noisiness then.

And here is the gaming load. The two opponents are similar here. We already know how they cool HDDs. The mainboard is somewhat hotter in the Cooler Master but the latter is better at cooling the CPU at the maximum speed of the fans. Here, the high noise of the fans is not a big problem as the graphics card is even noisier!


We really like both system cases discussed in this review. Perhaps not ideal, the Cooler Master 690 II Advanced and Zalman MS1000-HS2 are very good products that support a wide range of computer configurations. Each of them allows to customize its ventilation system and can cope with a large number of HDDs.

They differ from one another. Particularly, the Zalman offers two cute HDD racks with hot plugging and is overall quieter. The Cooler Master provides a handy way of hiding cables, supports up to ten cooling fans, and has a dismountable bottom section of the HDD rack. It also offers the unique opportunity to connect HDDs outside the system case – the X-Dock feature.

Just choose what advantages are more important for you!

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