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Corsair’s 1200-watt power supply units of the AX and AXi series have already been covered in our earlier reviews (the AX one is outdated already, complying with the 80 PLUS Gold standard only), so today we want to tell you about the junior products from these series. They have wattage ratings of 760 and 860 watts.

While the 1200W models are both based on a Flextronics platform, the junior ones differ in terms of their contract manufacturer. It is Flextronics for the intellectual AXi series whereas the AX series, occupying a lower position in Corsair’s product hierarchy, is based on a Seasonic platform.

The benefits of the Corsair Link interface implemented in the AXi series were discussed in our AX 1200i review, so we won’t dwell on them here. We’ll just limit ourselves to comparing the electrical parameters of PSUs which employ two different hardware platforms.

Their specifications are almost identical in terms of load capacity of each power rail. Both series comply with the highest efficiency standard 80 PLUS Platinum. But are they that similar in practice?

Testing Methodology

The following article offers a detailed description of our testing methodology and equipment and a brief explanation of what the specified and tested parameters of power supplies mean: X-bit Labs Presents: Power Supply Units Testing Methodology. If you feel overwhelmed with the numbers and terms this review abounds in, refer to the Methodology.

You can also go to our Cases/PSU section to check out reviews of all other PSU models we have tested in our labs.

We will mark the actual power consumption of three system configurations (discussed in our article PC Power Consumption: How Many Watts Do We Need?) in the cross-load diagrams. This will help you see if the tested PSU can meet the requirements of a real-life PC.

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