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Standby Source

The PSUs are similar in this test, so we only publish the senior model’s chart. As you can see, the standby source copes with its job, its voltage always being within 3% of the required level.


According to our tests, Corsair’s Gold-certified PSUs are basically the same as the well-known Seasonic X Gold series with but a few nuances in terms of technologies and usability.

From a technical standpoint, the Corsair PSUs deliver more stable voltages, but have lower compatibility with UPSes. As for usability, they come with a less handy (but larger) selection of cables and have simpler accessories.

With differences being so few and so small, price becomes the most important factor, and the Corsair PSUs are considerably cheaper than their Seasonic X Gold counterparts. You’ve got a chance to get a high-quality PSU for less money!

We'd like to note that the 650-watt model proved to be superior to its cousins in the UPS compatibility and voltage stability tests. Its fan regulation algorithm also seems to have been improved somewhat. We don’t know if it’s just some variation in product parameters or the AX650 is indeed somewhat better than the higher-wattage models of the same series due to some optimizations. The latter version is quite plausible because the AX650 is the most recent addition to the Professional Series Gold. The user manual of our AX750 doesn’t even mention the junior model of the series.

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