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Corsair’s previous AX series flagship PSU, AX1200, was good but not very different from other same-class products. Its successor, the AX1200i model, even though based on a similar platform from the same second-tier contract maker, is an improvement in nearly every aspect. It offers more stable voltages, higher efficiency and lower voltage ripple. Its acoustic performance has also improved dramatically. You can forget about the fan altogether up to 50% load. Moreover, even under maximum load this PSU is the quietest of all other units with the similar wattage we have tested so far.

The cherry on top is, of course, the Corsair Link functionality which is going to be appreciated by enthusiasts. Such functionality is not yet available from other brands, except for the EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500 Classified, which is much more expensive and seems to have way higher wattage than even enthusiasts can use up.

Considering that the new PSU is a only 15-20% more expensive than the regular AX1200 (which is still available in Corsair’s product range), but superior to the latter in consumer properties and functionality, we consider it to be a highly appealing offer in the high-wattage category.

However, if the upcoming AX760i and AX860i models (not yet listed on the Corsair website at this time, but mentioned in the manual to the AX1200i) will be able to offer the same quality/price ratio, they may turn out even more attractive. After all, very few enthusiasts really need PSUs with over 1000 watts capacity, and keeping in mind the great functionality of the “intelligent” series and the lower price of the lower-wattage models, they could potentially become an even better choice. We are going to discuss a new product like that from Corsair in one of our upcoming reviews, so stay tuned!

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