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Corsair Carbide 400R

The midrange model Carbide 400R is somewhat larger than its junior cousin and sports a scratch-resistant dark-gray paint with metallic specks.

The 400R has four 5.25-inch bays and an eight expansion slot, so it is considerably taller than the compact 300R.

The protuberance in the front part of the top panel adds to the height of the 400R. It can be used as a handle for carrying the system case about as it has a recess in its back.

This model lacks the 300R’s metallic mesh on its top. The top fan grids are punched out in the roof of the chassis and are as solid as the rest of it.

Like its junior cousin, the 400R has no preinstalled fans on its top panel. It also lacks a dust filter there, so dust will go in unobstructed.


The front panel is fastened by means of metallic "petals", like in the junior model.

The 300R’s meshed filter is replaced by a sheet of perforated plastic which presents more resistance to the air flowing from the fans.

The faceplates for disk bays are more sophisticated than in the 300R. Instead of a solid piece of plastic, they are a composite thing made of a plastic carcass, metallic grid and foam-rubber padding.

The front panel block now includes a FireWire connector and a button for switching off the highlighting of the front fans, which were missing by the 300R model.


The plastic feet with rubber soles have the same design as in the Carbide 300R but the rubber parts are larger, especially the front ones.

The bottom dust filter has become larger (because it also protects the bottom fan which was missing in the 300R) but less easy to install than the junior model's.

The filter’s frame isn’t rigid enough and the grooves it goes into have spaces, so the filter may go out through a gap between the grooves.

The side panels are designed differently compared to the junior model. The individual holders have disappeared. The panel is shaped to be more rigid and provide more space for cables.

The side panel screws remain in the chassis when unfastened. You can’t lose them. Overall, the side panels of the 400R are definitely better than those of the 300R.

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