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Power supplies and computer memory seem to have little in common except that both are computer components. This common feature doesn’t sound to me like a good reason why many well-known memory makers such as OCZ, Corsair, SuperTalent have begun to produce power supplies. The trend is obvious, however.

Well, explaining phenomena of the computer market is not my job. Instead, I will check out how successful the manufacturers are in this kind of business diversification. This review will cover Corsair’s power supplies.

By the way, we have already tested Corsair’s products in our earlier reviews. Those were the CMPSU-620HX and CMPSU-750TX models.

Testing Methodology

Click the following link for a description of our testing methodology and the equipment we use, and a brief explanation of what the specified and tested parameters of power supplies mean. The article is called X-bit Labs Presents: Power Supply Unit Testing Methodology In-Depth. If you feel overwhelmed with the numbers and terms this article abounds in, check out an appropriate section of the mentioned article for an explanation.

You can also check our Cooling/PSU section for more reviews of power supply units. .

Corsair VX450W (CMPSU-450VX)

This 450W power supply is considered the junior model in Corsair’s line-up due to two reasons. It is the lowest-wattage model in the VX series which is the basic series from Corsair (as opposed to the enthusiast-targeted HX and TX series).

The PSU comes in a black-and-green cardboard box. The color plays an important role in model identification. With Corsair, each power supply has its own special color. On the other hand, you can hardly confuse different models because the model name is printed large and conspicuous.

Included with the PSU is a set of single-use cable straps, a sticker for the front panel of your system case, four screws, and a power cord. There is also a user manual and a fabric pouch for storing the PSU (I wonder who will ever need to store the PSU separately from both the computer and the PSU’s own box). I would exchange that pouch for more straps of different sizes. The included straps are rather short and unable to tie up a thick bunch of cables.

The PSU case is covered with black matte paint. It is somewhat rough to the touch, contrary to the fashionable glossy paint. The case measures a standard 140 millimeters of depth.

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