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Corsair TX650W (CMPSU-650TX)

Next goes the 650W model from the TX series which is targeted at PC enthusiasts. We have tested one model from this series in our labs before (it was the CMPSU-750TX).

Pale yellow is the personal color of the TX650W. I tell you the specific shade because Corsair also produces the HX520W model which is bright yellow.

The accessories to this PSU are the same as those included with the VX series: a bunch of short cable straps, four screws, a sticker, a user manual, a power cord. The pouch for storing the PSU is black now rather than white as with the VX series (the PSU is put into the pouch in the photo above). The practical purpose of that pouch still evades me, though.

The PSU is quite ordinary on the outside. It has a dull black, somewhat rough, case made from good 0.8mm steel. The dimensions are larger now: the VX series models measured 140 millimeters of depth whereas the TX has a depth of 150 millimeters. On the other hand, it’s a trifle in comparison with some monster models measuring over 200 millimeters.

The exterior of the case is almost a copy of the VX450W model manufactured by Seasonic. This is interesting because the TX750W we tested earlier was manufactured by Channel Well. Does the TX series include models made by different manufacturers just like the VX series?

Indeed, this is a good old Seasonic M-12 without its additional fan and connectors for detachable cables at the back panel. So, junior models of both VX and TX series are manufactured by Seasonic whereas senior models of these series are manufactured by Channel Well.

The senior model of the VX series differed from the junior one with dedicated voltage regulation. In the TX series, both models have this functionality. You can notice three toroidal chokes under the right heatsink. The +3.3V, +5V and +12V voltages each have a dedicated regulator based on these chokes.

As opposed to the VX450W model, the TX650W follows a more classic design with two large heatsinks, one of which carries active PFC elements and the switching transistors of the main regulator while the other carries the diode packs of the output rectifier. The input rectifier’s bridge stands separately and is equipped with a small dedicated heatsink.

The PSU’s standby source is based on an Infineon ICE2A0565Z chip. The main regulator and the PFC device are based on a UCC28515DW controller.

KY series capacitors from United Chemi-Con are installed at the PSU’s output. They are somewhat inferior to the KZE series employed in the two previous models in their specifications. A KMQ series capacitor from the same maker is installed at the input. This 470µF capacitor is rated for a voltage of 400V and a temperature of 105°C.

The PSU is cooled with an Adda AD1212HB-A71GL fan that has a rated speed of 2200rpm. There is no celluloid film on it here.

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