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Enermax PRO82+ EPR625AWT (625W)

With all its indisputable advantages, the MODU82+ has one significant drawback. It is costly. It may be worth the money, but you have to admit that this is quite a large sum. Therefore Enermax released the cheaper PRO82+ series. It has the same specifications as the MODU82+ series but does not have the detachable cables.

Let’s see if this is the only difference.

The PSU comes in a medium-size cardboard box of an eye-catching and remarkable design.

It is no different from the MODU82+ in front view, except for the somewhat darker paint.

The back panel does not have connectors for detachable cables anymore. All the cables go out of the case in four braids: for the mainboard, CPU, drives, graphics cards.

It is only at the end that each braid splits into individual cables with connectors. This is handy to some extent because the cables can be neatly laid in the system case and do not entangle. But I guess the power cables for peripherals should have been made as two different braids, one going from the PSU to the optical drives (usually located at the same height in the system case) and another going down to the hard drives.

The interior design is no different from the MODU82+ except for the lack of a card with output connectors.

The PSU has an active PFC device based on a Champion Micro CM6802BG controller (that does double duty as a main regulator controller) and features dedicated voltage regulation.

KZE series capacitors from United Chemi-Con are installed at the PSU’s output.

The PSU is cooled with the same fan as the MODU82+. It is a 120x120x25mm fan with a 4-pin connection, speed control and tachometer feedback.

The fan has the peculiarly folded blades, too.

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