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Concluding this test session I will give you a brief summary of highs, lows and special features of each of the tested PSUs.

The Enermax Galaxy DXX is a specific product with ordinary characteristics. It is bulky, not quiet, and has problems working at low loads. Formally speaking, the Galaxy DXX is not a bad power supply, but I also can’t find a reason why you should prefer it to others.

The Enermax Infiniti is free from the Galaxy’s drawbacks but full of its advantages such as good stability of the output voltages, high wattage, and a rich selection of connectors. This PSU can suit a top-end gaming system with two graphics cards and a fast CPU.

The Enermax Liberty DXX differs from the previous two models with its lower wattage and simplified circuit design. It does not have dedicated voltage regulation. Anyway, it should be quite enough for a gaming PC with one graphics card.

The MODU82+ and PRO82+ models make the best impression, of course. Having the same wattage as the junior model of the Infiniti series, they are not just versions of older PSUs in new cases. They are a true breakthrough. Their superb manufacturing quality, excellent stability of the output voltages, very high efficiency and quiet operation make them a perfect choice not only for gaming PCs but also for any quiet PC.

It is most appropriate that Enermax did not enter the other manufacturers’ race for kilowatts which are not needed by 99.9% of all users. Instead they released the new PSUs in a reasonable range of prices and wattages: from 425 to 625W. On the one hand, the MODU82+ and PRO82+ power supplies can be used to assemble a modern gaming system with one or two graphics cards. And on the other hand, you don’t have to pay extra for unnecessary wattage if all you want is just a high-quality and quiet power supply for your home PC.

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