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Enermax MODU82+ EMD625AWT (625W)

I tested the 525-watt EMD525AWT model from the MODU82+ series earlier and was very pleased with it. The high assembly quality, good electrical parameters and very quiet operation make the MODU82+ one of the best choice among today’s PSUs.

The MODU82+ series includes three models ranging in wattage from 425 to 625W. So, I will discuss the senior model now.

The PSU comes in a medium-size box. Instead of a list of graphics cards and HDDs this PSU can power up, the box now offers you tables with model specifications and a list of the included cables.

Although its dimensions did not change, the case is different from the Infiniti and Liberty series. There are no fundamental differences except for the rolled-in edges around the fan. This shape should reduce the noise of the airflow. Besides, the fan is reduced in size to 120 millimeters. Well, our readers should already know that a proper adjustment of the fan speed is more important than the size of the fan.

The PSU has a modular design with seven connectors for detachable cables: five for HDDs and other peripherals and two for graphics cards. The connectors are shaped differently, so you can’t confuse them.

The MODU82+ is different from the previous PSUs in its interior design. A quick glance is enough to identify that this is a different platform with different components.

In the Liberty and Infiniti the PFC and main regulator controllers were two separate chips while the MODU82+ uses a Champion Micro CM6802BG chip that combines both mentioned controllers in one case.

KZE series capacitors from the respectable United Chemi-Con are installed at the PSU’s output. The PSU features dedicated voltage regulation.

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