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Kingwin Stryker STR-500

We tested Kingwin PSUs before but it’s the first time we have a fanless model from this brand.

The Stryker STR-500 comes in a rather large box that lacks a carry handle. There is a photo of the product and a list of its features on the front side.

The back of the box shows another photo of the PSU and announces one of its most exciting features.

The manufacturer claims that this PSU can be “overclocked” to an output power of 600 watts while remaining as efficient as 80 PLUS Gold (it is Platinum-certified at its default parameters).

Besides a mains cord and fasteners, the accessories to this PSU include a user manual (which is practically useless since it has no information about fanless PSUs) and a pouch for detachable cables.

Exterior Design

Like the Silverstone, the Kingwin Stryker STR-500 follows the best traditions of passively cooled PSUs. It has a heat-spreading aluminum top whereas the rest of the case is made of conventional steel painted a rough dark paint.

The side panels are perforated for ventilation, like those of the Silverstone model. The Kingwin doesn’t have the cute indicators of the Silverstone, though. It only has a mains connector and an On/Off switch.

Circuit Design

The LLC marking of the PCB indicates that the actual maker of the PSU platform is Super Flower. We know this manufacturer by NZXT’s Gold-certified PSUs.

The massive top panel, which serves as a heatsink, has fewer holes than its counterpart in the Silverstone Nightjar.

The large heatsinks hide the components of the PSU from our sight.

However, we can spot a number of common features with the Gold-certified products from NZXT (i.e. the Golden Green series from Super Flower) like the same position of the DC-DC converters, daughter card and many other components.

The PSU employs capacitors from United Chemi-Con.

Cables and Connectors

The Kingwin Stryker STR-500 is half-modular. Its main cables are fixed while the others are detachable. It’s equipped with the following cables and connectors:

  • One mainboard cable with a 20+4-pin connector (58 cm)
  • One CPU cable with a 4+4-pin connector (64 cm)
  • One graphics card cable with two 6+2-pin connectors (59+15 cm)
  • Four connectors for the modular cables

Included with the PSU are:

  • One graphics card cable with two 6+2-pin connectors (60+10 cm)
  • One cable with three PATA and one floppy-drive plug (55+11+11+11 cm)
  • One cable with two SATA and two PATA power connectors (55+10+10+11 cm)
  • One cable with four SATA power connectors (57+11+11+11 cm)

The PSU offers enough connectors and its cables are sufficiently long. Take note of the four graphics card connectors: you don’t have to use any adapters to power a multi-GPU configuration built out of two graphics cards with two power connectors each.

The modular system is handy and resembles the one of the NZXT HALE90:

Each of the PSU connectors has all the available voltages.

But the modular cables only use those pins which are necessary for their power connectors. It means that you can plug any cable into any of the PSU sockets without any risk.

As opposed to the Kingwin Lazer LZ-850 which has similar connectors, the fanless Stryker STR-500 doesn’t highlight them.

Overall, the cables of this PSU seem to be the handiest among the four products included into this review.


The Kingwin’s specs are similar to those of the Seasonic’s except for the total wattage (500 instead of 460 watts) and the load capacity of the +12V rail (41.5 instead of 38 amperes).

The Kingwin is certified for the 80 PLUS Platinum standard.

We also checked out the manufacturer’s claim about “overclocking” this PSU to an output power of 600 watts. We had a load up to 588 watts on the +12V rail and a load of 120 watts on the +3.3 and +5V rails combined.

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