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Have you ever dealt with any solutions from Foxconn company? I am pretty much sure that you have. It would be enough to say that most LGA775 socket connectors installed onto the majority of mainboards are manufactured by Foxconn fabs. This company boasts truly gigantic production volumes. In some places its fabs give birth to new towns (I mean, the population of the entire town works on a Foxconn fab), and the product range they offer is overwhelming.

In one of our previous articles called Foxconn System Cases Roundup we have already introduced to you quite a few system cases from Foxconn available in the today’s market. However, during the past few months the situation has changed so greatly that it looks like another big test session would be necessary.

Anyway, today we will look at only one newcomer from Foxconn: TP-230 system case.

Exterior Design and Ergonomics

If you take a closer look at the Foxconn TP-230 photo below, you will definitely remember that in our previous system case testing we have already discussed exactly the same case, TH-230, which in its turn looked very much like TH-061. However, this is not a mistake. It is exactly the case when similar looks and almost the same product names belong to two totally different products. So, if you decide to go for one of the Foxconn cases and you do care about what is actually inside them, make sure that you do not confuse the model names :)

The case is made of steel and is of black color with a silver segment of the front panel. The plastic front panel is designed in such a way that both: black as well as silver devices will good on it.

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