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The front panel can accommodate four 5-inch devices and two 3-inch devices. Moreover, the two top 5-inch bays are hidden behind decorative plastic covers designed in the color of the case. It is not just a slit with a button like in TLA-570A solution, but a fully-fledged cover that would drop down open when the tray is ejected (you can come across similar solutions in the optical drives, too). So, you can install any optical drive into this case, even the 7-year old CD-ROM drives, which have already grown yellow: they will not spoil the exterior of your system. Also note that you will not be able to remove these covers completely. The two top 5-inch devices are fastened inside the bays in such a way that they are kind of pushed inside by a few centimeters, so without the covers they will not look in place.

The case sits on very convenient flexible stands that can be mode sideways for better stability of the system. These stands are tall, wide and allow the air to flow freely under the case for better cooling. The stands can be unfolded and rotated, and when they are turned all the way to the sides, they stand out by about 5cm on both sides of the case. Unfortunately, they can only be rotated synchronously, because the left and right stand of each pair are connected with one another with a plastic gearing. Therefore, you will not be able to put the case close to the way, for instance, by unfolding the stands on one side of the case and putting them at a certain smaller angle on another. The stands can be unscrewed and completely removed if necessary.

Right under the floppy drive bays there is a plastic cover that can be opened up. Behind this cover there is the whole bunch of different connectors: four USB ports, one FireWire port (large), and two audio ports. This block is located at a very convenient height unlike some other cases where all these connectors are situated too close to the floor. However, the plastic door covering these connectors cannot be called convenient or reliable. The door locks with a very strong spring lock and hence you need to apply some tangible effort to open or close it, banging it loudly against the case. So, it can break down pretty quickly if you open or close it too often.

Just below the connectors there is the Power On/Off button, Reset button, and HDD status indicator. The Power On button is a pretty small oval pressed slightly into the case. When the system is on, the transparent plastic circle around it lights up white. The Reset button located right beneath the Power On is unbelievably small (it can be pressed only with a pencil tip or something similar), so I wouldn’t call it very convenient. The HDD LED is also white and is designed as a long transparent plastic band right under the Reset button.

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