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The mainboard is installed into the case on a special tray, just like the hard disk drives: not a single screw, only extremely precisely laid out strong metal pins. There are nine pins total and they fit for full-size ATX as well as for mini-ATX mainboards. Six pins out of nine feature “mushroom”-shaped heads, while the remaining three are regular pins. First the mainboard catches to the front row of pin heads with its front edge. The heads slide through the holes in the PCB and the thinner pin allows moving the board sideways a little bit. After that the mainboard catches to the second row of the pin heads, just the same way. This time however it sits more firmly in place and can move just slightly. At last, you have to set it onto the remaining three pins, so that it locks in a steady position. After that it cannot move sideways at all. You can move it up and down a little bit if you apply certain effort to the back edge, however, when the entire system is assembled, this will also be impossible, as the expansion cards and the mainboard connectors panel will hold it in place.

All in all, this is a very easy to use and reliable construction: once you have figured out the way it should be assembled, it will take you five seconds to install and remove the mainboard. This construction is actually as efficient as the traditional screws.

It is very simple to install the tray into the case: you place it onto size rails and slide towards the back panel of the case where it is locked with a large plastic handle. All parts are of very high quality, so this lock hold the mainboard reliably and prevents it from getting out of place.

The front panel is fastened with six metal clips.

If you need to remove it, all you need to do is to pull it with a little effort to yourself. Note, however, that all 3.5-inch devices and almost all 5.25-inch devices can be installed and removed without removing the front panel at all in a traditional “classical” manner.

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