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The two bottom bays for 5.25-inch devices are initially covered with removable metal brackets, which cam be moved to the upper two slots if necessary. As for the 3.5-inch devices, there is only one plastic bracket on the front panel of the case.

The expansion cards are locked with big clips made of transparent plastic. These clips are very convenient and pretty firm. However, if you feel better with the traditional screws holding your expansion cards, you can also go for it.

All in all, I was very impressed with the smart, reliable and easy to use design of the Foxconn TP-230. This system case is ideal for system assemblers. The only disappointment was the already mentioned plastic cover for the front panel connectors section and an enormous amount of cables to connect the front panel ports, LEDs and buttons to the mainboard.

Four front panel USB ports (2 cables each – the standard four pins, plus the earth conductor), FireWire port on the front panel (fully disassembled), speaker (fully disassembled), Reset and Power buttons, HDD LED and power LED indicator, audio connectors – all in all, it makes about two dozens of cables and connectors. Each of these cables should be plugged carefully into the proper connector on the mainboard, according to the user’s guide. So, if you get down to it seriously, it will take even more time that the rest of the system assembly process.

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