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Well, what can we say about the Foxconn TP-230? The brightest feature of this case is its extreme accuracy and thorough manufacturing quality. It is certainly not for nothing that Intel appointed Foxconn their primary OEM partner for the mainboard business. Quality cooling of all system components, quite acceptable power supply unit, very convenient system retentions and appealing exterior design – these are the definite advantages of the Foxconn case. I wish they paid a little bit more attention to the side panel lock, front panel and PSU power capacity. Let’s hope they would hear us on this one :)

We decided to introduce a 10-point evaluation scale for our reviews, I hope you find it useful, as it should help sum up the editor’s opinion about the product. So here you go:

  • Design: 8.0. 2 points were taken for cheap-looking air inlets.
  • Usage convenience: 8.0. 2 point were taken for the tiny Reset button, inconvenient front panel connector door and side panel lock.
  • Assembly: 9.5. There is nothing ideal in our world, so 0.5 points were taken for the removable but not sliding tray.
  • Manufacture quality: 9.5. 0.5 points off for the same plastic door on the front panel connector unit and side panel lock.
  • Incase cooling: 8.0. The case meets all ATX and Intel standards as far as case thermal characteristics are concerned. The test platform received normal cooling throughout the tests. The 2 points were taken off for the absence of the second PSU fan and any additional fans besides the classical HDD+Case pair.

In conclusion I would only like to add that according to our experience, most of the today’s conclusions will be true for all Foxconn TP cases, as they will be pretty similar to one another and will only have different front panel design at most.

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