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Fan Rotation Speed: High

And now it’s time to test them at the maximum speed of the fans. Fortunately, this is not very high speed and you don’t feel any discomfort, especially with the soundproof Define series.

Let’s start with the junior model again.

Fractal Design Core 3000 (high)

The Core 3000 improves in every temperature after switching to the maximum speed of its fans: by 1-2°C for the main components and 3-4°C for the HDDs. That's not a dramatic improvement, but anyway.

Fractal Design Arc (high)

The higher speed of the fans has a bigger effect on the Arc in terms of the HDD temperature which lowers by 7-9°C. Thus, the optical solution would be to set the front fan to its maximum speed and leave the other fans at the minimum speed.

Fractal Design Define R3 (high)

At the maximum speed of its fans the Define R3 lowers the CPU temperature by 2°C in every operation mode and also drops the chipset temperature by 1-2°C. As for the HDDs, their temperature is reduced by 5-7°C. Considering the good noise insulation of this system case, it is quite possible to increase the speed of its fans above the minimum level. It's up to the user to decide how much.

Fractal Design Define XL (high)

The largest of the Fractal Design system cases benefits the most by increasing the speed of its fans. The temperature of the CPU, GPU and chipset are 2-3°C lower in most operation modes. The HDDs do not get much colder, though.

Considering the low maximum speed of the fans and the good soundproofing of this system case, you can run the fans at their highest speed without compromising your acoustic comfort.

The following diagrams compare the system cases at the maximum speed of their fans:


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