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I must admit that FSP’s Aurum and Aurum CM power supplies made a very diverse impression on me. On one hand, the engineers, designers and marketing people from FSP Group have obviously worked hard on these products. These PSUs are neat, beautiful, and overall immaculate from an aesthetic point of view. They are based on a new platform that features good technical parameters at large and excellent efficiency in particular. If I were to select a power supply based on its looks, the Aurum series would surely be among my favorites.

On the other hand, they have poor fan speed regulation which makes them too noisy. Linear regulation has been proved ineffective, so most manufacturers prefer to implement dual-zone regulation even in inexpensive products (when the fan works at a constant low speed up to a certain point and accelerates in a linear manner thereafter). Some manufacturers, for example Seasonic in the X series, add a third zone in which the fan doesn’t rotate at all. It’s really a mystery to me why FSP implemented linear regulation in their completely new products, thus killing one of the most important consumer properties of an expensive PSU.

I only hope that FSP will soon release an updated series, like Aurum+, with better fan regulation, and we will defintiely follow up with a new review at that point.

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