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FSP FSP460-60PFN (460W)

This is one of the top-end models in the PSU model range from FSP Group. It formally conforms to the EPS12V standard and is intended for entry-level servers. However, there’s no fundamental difference between EPS12V and ATX12V 2.0 units from the end-user’s point of view, so nothing prevents you from using this PSU in an ordinary desktop computer.

Externally this PSU resembles the above-described FSP400-60PFN (Zalman ZM400B-ASP, that is). Its internal design is original, however, and has no analogs among other PSUs reviewed here. The FSP460-60PFN is made on two horizontal full-size cards (I mean these cards occupy the entire case) on which small vertical cards are additionally fastened.

The bottom card carries input filters, an active PFC, high-voltage capacitors and the inverter’s switches. The top card accommodates a power transformer, output diode packs, auxiliary regulators’ throttles, and output capacitors. The PSU is designed with additional regulation of the output voltages by means of magnetic amplifiers. This design should ensure an ideal cross-load characteristic.

Cooling becomes an issue with such a high component density. The FSP460-60PFN uses short but very thick T-shaped heatsinks with an additional plate fastened above them (the snapshot above shows you the PSU with that plate in place). The plate is additionally fastened to the case of the PSU. The case is made of steel rather than of aluminum, so it’s not effective as a heat-spreader. Anyway, you shouldn’t worry about the bottom panel of the PSU becoming very hot at work – it is a consequence of the heatsink being pressed right to it.

The number of cables and the length of those cables do impress:

  • A 70cm cable with a 24-pin mainboard connector
  • A 70cm ATX12V CPU cable with a 4-pin connector
  • A 70cm EPS12V CPU cable with a 8-pin connector
  • One cable with three Molex connectors (70cm from the PSU to the first connector and 15cm more to each next connector)
  • One cable with two Molex connectors and one floppy mini-plug (this one is as long as 90cm to the first connector and 15cm more to each next one!)
  • One cable with two SATA power connector (70cm to the first one and 15cm more to the second one)
  • An AUX additional power connector (70cm)

The mainboard power cable is hidden into a meshed pipe, while the rest of the cables are bound together with nylon ties. A massive ferrite ring is placed on each of the cables where they leave the PSU. This ring acts as a simple filter. Of course, there are also normal filters at the PSU’s output – throttles as well as capacitors. The total capacitance of the latter is astonishing: six 3300µF capacitors, one 4700µ capacitor and two 2200µF capacitors.

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