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FSP FSP300-60PN(PF) (300W) and FSP350-60PN(PF) (350W)

Like the two above-described models of the GTF series, this pair of PSUs are also identical externally and almost identical internally. Unlike the GTF series, these PSUs are equipped with a 12cm fan installed in the bottom panel (here and elsewhere I refer to the PSU’s panels as they would be after installation of the PSU into a standard “tower” system case).


Internally the PSUs are very similar: they are based on identical PCBs but the higher-wattage model has bigger input capacitances (820µF against 680µF) and a larger heatsink with the switching transistors. The central plate of the heatsinks is about 4 millimeters thick.

Like with the GTF series, these PSUs have a three-section line filter and a passive PFC throttle at the input. The regulator based on the KA3511 chip resides on an independent small card positioned perpendicularly to the main one.

The PSUs have the following cables:

  • One 53cm 20-pin ATX cable for the mainboard
  • One 52cm ATX12V CPU power cable
  • Two cables with two Molex connectors on each and a mini-plug for the floppy drive on one of them (40cm from the PSU to the first connector and 20cm more to each next connector)
  • One cable with a single Molex connector and a floppy mini-plug (40+20cm)
  • A SATA power cable (42cm)
  • An AUX power cable (53cm)

The wires have an 18AWG section and are bound together with nylon ties.

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