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Zalman ZM400B-APS (FSP400-60PFN, 400W)

We already reviewed this model in our article on Zalman’s power supplies (see our review called 3 Zalman Power Supply Units Roundup). But we’ve changed our test methods since then and now measure such things as cross-load characteristics, efficiency and power factors. So, it makes sense to re-review this PSU, especially considering that it is in fact the FSP400-60PFN model from FSP Group and thus ideally fits into the scope of this article. It complements the model range of power supplies FSP Group is selling under their own brand.

Like the aforementioned models of the PN(PF) series, the ZM400B-APS is an ATX12V 1.3 device, although designed in quite a different way.

What strikes you immediately in this unit is the massive heatsinks that take up almost all free space inside. T- or L-shaped heatsinks usually have a thin horizontal bar and without much ribbing (see the PSUs described above, for example), but here its thickness is the same as that of the heatsink’s main bar.

The second distinguishing feature of the PSU is its active power factor correction device. This vertically positioned card can be clearly seen in the snapshot above. Among other amenities, the active PFC permits to get along without a switch for choosing the mains voltage. This PSU can take from 90 to 240 volts on its input.

The following cables are present:

  • One 55cm cable with a 20-pin connector for the mainboard
  • One 55cm ATX12V cable for the CPU
  • A cable with two SATA power connectors (33cm to the first connector and 22cm more to the second one)
  • A cable with three Molex connectors (49cm from the PSU to the first connector, and 15cm more to each next connector)
  • Two cables with two Molex connectors and one floppy mini-plug on each (49cm to the first and 15cm more to each next connector)
  • An additional 55cm power cable for the mainboard (AUX)

The wires have an 18AWG section, except the wires to the ATX12V connector which have a thinner, 20AWG section. This is quite normal for units of the ATX12V 1.3 standard.

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