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Gigabyte Technology is a respectable hardware manufacturer with an extensive model range of various PC parts. Not long ago the company’s product list was supplemented with a very interesting water-cooling system called 3D Galaxy which we reviewed on our site (for details see our article called "Out of This World" Liquid-Cooling System: Gigabyte 3D Galaxy Review). This very nice system had one big problem, however. Its thick pipes made it difficult to install a 3D Galaxy in an ordinary system case. We couldn’t also put the pipes out to connect to the radiator without deforming them somewhat.

The problem called for an immediate solution and Gigabyte reacted quickly and in a most unexpected manner. Instead of redesigning its 3D Galaxy, the company opened another market for itself. “If our system doesn’t fit well into ordinary cases, we must make a case that would accept it without problems!” (I think the person at Gigabyte who came up with that idea must have got a promotion). Thus, solving the only serious problem of its water-cooling system, the company made an announcement of itself on the PC system case market.

The 3D Aurora model combines the best ideas in chassis design and ventilation and also features the most original design solution which may become a business card of all top-end system cases from this product family.

I want to stress the fact that Gigabyte starts out with a top-end product, although not all companies could boast a successful debut in this sector. Top-end products fall under the strictest requirements and few companies ever managed to create a system case that would combine nice exterior and wide functionality with a reasonable price.

The 3D Aurora is probably a trial product, to be followed with a whole series of system cases targeted at various market sectors. We’ll see in due time if Gigabyte’s marketing policy implies this scenario, but now let’s get closer to one of the most brilliant debutants of the current year among PC system cases.

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