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A modern computer is an excellent platform for a home multimedia center. It offers a large and easily accessed storage for movies, music and photographs, flexibly configured interface and codecs, simple connectivity for audio systems and displays. However, home theater PCs have not become ubiquitous because there are few ready-made models whereas building a compact, quiet, handy, easy-to-use and remotely controlled system with your own hands may be too much of a task for most users. As a result, people prefer to stick to special-purpose electronic appliances while others use a standard PC without a remote control. And others yet use media players that offer wide functionality now while being about as expensive as a computer. Still, it is the user who takes on the daunting task of building an HTPC with his own hands that has the most freedom in configuring his home theater arrangement.

In this review I will be talking about one of the most important components that make up an HTPC. A compact system case. The AVC-S7 model from GMC is specially designed for a home multimedia system. You may remember our reviews of the extraordinary GMC R4 Bulldozer and the GMC AVC-K2 which is an HTPC case designed as a typical tower and allowing to assemble a full-featured PC configuration. The AVC-S7 is a more traditional variant of an HTPC case. It is a slim and flat box that can easily fit into a stand for other home hi-fi equipment. The AVC-S7 is even slimmer than usual, measuring no more than 7 centimeters in height.

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