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Talking about this case we cannot pass by its software section consisting of iMon Manager and iMedian. Although this is a review of the hardware, these programs are just an integral part of it.

Being a tool for controlling the buttons and displays on the front panel of the case, iMon Manager is inconspicuous but offers wide setup opportunities. You can set up almost anything you can think of, the selection of commands being especially impressive. You can assign almost any function to any button of the remote control or system case. If you are not satisfied with the standard, system or iMedian functions you can write your own macros. You can also set up the information output for the display: weather forecast, news, email notifications, system info, playback info, mode selection. Yes, the setting up may take a long time, but in the end the system will be just the way you want it.

One of the few visible signs of iMon’s presence in the system is that a list of quick-launch applications is evoked when you press the Prog button. This list is rather short originally, but you can extend it as much as you like. You can also set up the operation of the exclusive applications already on the list. It is good that the default list includes such handy applications as an onscreen keyboard, a quick change of display resolution (may be handy if you connect a TV-set to the computer), and an alarm clock.

The iMedian shell is, on the contrary, very conspicuous. It is within this shell that you interact with the media center’s features. Like with other such programs, you first have to choose and scan folders with photographs, music and videos, specify codecs to use, set up your TV-tuner if you’ve got one, enter the addresses from which you are going to get news, weather reports and webcasts. It is deep within such programs that you usually find problems like incompatibility with codecs or with rare TV-tuner models, or unhandy menus, etc. We did not have any problems with iMedian, though. All of its features seemed to work normally.

There are actually a number of Web forums where fans of one multimedia shell argue with fans of another while fans of a third shell try to solve their problems. Of course, you can use some other software instead of iMedian, but we guess this program deserves your giving it a try (and people at GMC seem to agree with us since they chose this program out of all the alternatives).

Summing up the whole arrangement made out of the front panel, iMon and iMedian, we can say that GMC has managed to come up with a very good solution for people who use their computer for video and music playback besides as a typewriter or gaming station. It is easy to control this multimedia center. For example, we performed all out tests with this system case using only the joystick on the remote control and had no problems performing simple interactions. The material of the front-panel buttons must be mentioned again, too. It is a real pleasure to touch them.

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