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Now let’s get back to the system case proper.

The back panel is perfectly standard. Everything’s in its right place. There is a 120mm fan, behind a punched-out grid, opposite the CPU cooler.

The system case stands on four wide plastic feet that have metallic rims and soft surfaces in order to absorb vibrations.

There are two holes in the left panel, one of which is equipped with a funnel (which we removed again). The hole with funnel has a dust filter while the other has none. It is logical to have a dust filter opposite the CPU cooler that creates strong air flow, but the developer might have equipped the other vent with such a filter, too.

The case looks like most modern tower-type products inside: a standard rack for drives on the right (the devices is positioned crosswise in it) and a top position of the power supply. As you can expect from a system case of this class, the edges are all neatly finished and the panels are all more than enough thick (you can learn this even by the weight of the empty case – it is heavier than many same-class products). And what is this shiny thing in there?

It is a plastic pack the accessories and screws are neatly stored in. The pack is fastened with thumbscrews (by the way, GMS system cases use thumbscrews with plastic heads). That’s a handy solution as every thing is within your reach and you can easily store the stuff left after the assembly. Just don’t confuse the top and bottom of the pack or you’ll ruin this neat order.

The back-panel brackets are reusable. The developer did not try to invent some screw-less fastening. Instead, you can use thumbscrews which are reliable and even handy unless you have too thick fingers.

The rack is all perforated to reduce the weight of the case and make it cooler for the drives, especially hard drives because the air from the 140mm fan installed in front of them (yes, it is a 140mm rather than 120mm model) needs some room for flowing freely.

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