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The face panel of the optical drive is hidden under a decorative lid, so there is a special lever for opening it. The lever transfers your effort to the drive’s eject button.

Of course, the connecting rods have nothing to do with hydraulic or gas-filled shock-absorbers, but they perform their decorative function nicely. They retract when the tray is opened and push the lid back when the tray is closed. Like with every other system case that has an additional lid above the optical drive, you can have a problem when using some drives. If the front of the drive’s tray protrudes too much, it may hitch at the decorative lid with its bottom and prevent it from closing.

Unfortunately, the feet have remained the same. The system case still stands on four feet made from inexpensive stiff plastic. I wish they were made from soft rubber.

The interior has changed. However, the changes are mostly cosmetic. The chassis itself has remained intact. It can hardly please the eye of an experienced enthusiast but represents a reasonable balance between low price and good consumer properties. The case is rigid and the edges are finished, so you won’t cut your fingers while assembling your system.

Like in the previous models of the series, there is a vent hole in the bottom of the case. Yes, you can install a fan there, but what can it do if the case stands on such low feet?

The expansion-slot brackets still have to be torn off, so you should think beforehand what expansion card goes where. Well, I don’t think that anyone will want to install more than one graphics card and one or two (if any) expansion cards into this case.

There is a queer contraption nearby. A plastic frame with a 120mm fan is fastened on the seats for two 80mm fans. It looks like the developer did not want to change the chassis but wanted to squeeze a 120mm fan in. Like the other system fans, this one is powered by the PSU, so you have no speed control option. On the other hand, the fan has a standard form-factor and you can replace it with something else.

I like the front panel because people at GMC remember that intake fans bring in not only cool air but also dust. They have not forgotten to install a simple filter behind the fan. This filter is very cheap but many manufacturers, including very renowned ones, stubbornly refuse to install air filters.

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