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The HDD cage has been inherited by this model from the previous ones without any changes. It is a U-shaped frame in which two HDDs can be fastened with screws. All the drawbacks of this solution have been inherited as well. The HDDs are pressed to each other and are cooled poorly. The fastening of the cage is not simple – you have to put the cage into the case and then catch the protrusions with the appropriate grooves without seeing them.

It has become easier to install an optical drive. In the previous R series models you had to remove the front panel and cope with the latter’s complex fastening mechanism, but now you should only take off the small plastic casing covering the optical drive bay.

The drive is fastened with screws. The screws are visible even when the casing is put back on, adding to the mechanized appearance of the system case.

The bay is large. I used a long model (170mm) but it fitted without problems. I only had minor inconveniences connecting cables to it.


It is cables that are the biggest problem during the assembly process. There are too many of them for such a compact system case even if you use a PSU with detachable cables. It is absolutely unclear where you can tuck them in because there is a vent hole for the HDDs at the top. At the bottom there is an intake fan. And the cables do not fit in between the drives and the back panel. So, once again I want to say thanks to the developers of the SATA standard for the thin cables. Wide PATA cables would be much less convenient to deal with. Otherwise, this system case is standard. It can accommodate any modern graphics card and almost any cooler, save for the biggest ones (my rather big Zalman CNPS9500 AT cooler fitted easily, not even touching the side system fan).


The fan highlighting, the temperature-reporting display and the twinkling LEDs on the side panel make this system case really charming. I won’t even grumble at the exceedingly bright LEDs because I don’t think this system case will be left working at night whereas children love everything bright. If you don’t like it, you can just leave the side panel unconnected or cover the LEDs with pieces of black scotch tape.

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