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We have to admit that GMC R4 Bulldozer is not an ideal product. It is not a very good choice for a top-end gaming station. It is unlikely to attract an enthusiast. It is hardly suitable for specific applications like a compact file-server. The R4 is meant for mainstream configurations that are not expected to work under high loads often. I can’t call this system case bad or oversimplified, however. It is compact (there are very few such short cases available while the lack of free room is a problem for many users) and has a really original design. It is going to look appropriate in your kid’s room or at the office of a company that wants to enliven the dull appearance of typical work places, especially if the company sells bulldozers. Is this exterior design worth the small increase in price (the R4 Bulldozer sells at about $100)? Everyone has his own answer based on his own personal preferences.

But I do like that GMC is not afraid of offering daring design solutions in its compact case series and goes on working on their ventilation. I only wish that they gave some thought to HDDs and equipped them with some kind of active cooling.

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