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Cross-Load Voltage Stability

The +12 and +5V voltages are almost ideal, keeping within 2% from the required levels.

The +3.3V rail is but slightly worse. It deflects by 3% from the required level at low loads.

So, the Silent Pro Gold 600W can deliver very stable voltages to your components.

Output Voltage Ripple

The high-frequency ripple is rather strong but fits within the industry requirements.

The same goes for the low-frequency ripple (at the double frequency of the power mains).

The Silent Pro Gold 600W passes this test but by a very small margin.

Temperature and Noise

The Silent Pro Gold 600W is cooled by a 7-blade 120mm fan from Young Lin Tech (the DFB122512M model with a rated speed of 2000 RPM).

The cooling fan starts out at about 850 RPM and keeps the same speed until a load of 400 watts. After that, the speed rises up quickly, yet the top limit is not very high at 1350 RPM.

Thus, the PSU is quiet, especially as its fan didn’t produce any unwanted sounds except for the pure aerodynamic noise.

Efficiency and Power Factor

The power factor is considerably lower than usual for a PSU with active power factor correction, fluctuating between 94 and 96% throughout a larger part of the load range. This parameter isn’t critical for home users, however. Not until household electric meters begin to measure your reactive power consumption.

As for efficiency, the Silent Pro Gold 600W meets the Gold standard indeed. It is 88.2, 91.8 and 90% efficient at the three reference loads (20%, 50% and 100% of its max output power). Its peak efficiency was right at the load of 50%. Take note that the PSU remains at least 90% efficient at any loads starting from 200 watts and above.

Standby Source

The standby source easily copes with the load of 3.5 amperes, which is rather high for this power line. The voltage deflects no more than by 2% from the nominal value.


The Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 600W has no critical downsides but does have a few advantages over same-class opponents. Its output voltages are very stable and it is very efficient at modest noise. Most importantly, this series is priced very affordably. In fact, it is comparable to Bronze-certified competitors of the same wattage that come under recognized brands like Corsair. Even the affordable Gold-certified products from Cougar can’t match Cooler Master’s offer in terms of pricing.

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