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This is a handy box you can take out from under the cage by pulling at the sticking tab.

This box contains rails for hard disk drives, one spare bracket for the back panel, a pack with screws, and a speaker for the mainboard (if your mainboard doesn’t have an integrated speaker).

But let’s get back to the HDD cage. You have to take it out in an unusual way (this system case is just full of nonstandard design solutions). You don’t have to pull it into the case. Instead, you must turn it around towards yourself. In fact, it is quite easy to install the drives when you turn the cage as shown in the photo.

Well, you can take the whole cage out of the case if you want. It won’t be easy to put it back loaded with HDDs, however, because you have to align the guides without seeing them.

HDDs are installed into the cage by means of the rails I have found in the box. It is simple and easy: you attach two rails to the sides of the drive, inserting them into the screw holes. Then you just push the drive into the cage.


The process of assembling a computer in this system case is not quite ordinary, either. On one hand, this case makes it very easy to install the mainboard, graphics card and expansion cards because you can do this on the unfolded right panel. It is also easy to install the optical and hard drives due to the same reason. But on the other hand, plugging various connectors in can prove to be a problem. You cannot connect the cables when the right panel is open because the cables are too short. But when the right panel is closed, there is too little space inside the system case. The case is actually cramped, making it inconvenient to lay the cables out neatly. And there are quite a lot of cables here because the system fans must all be connected to the power supply. As a result, assembling a computer in this system case takes about as much time as in the above-discussed case from Gigabyte that represents the traditional interior design.


As a reward for your troubles, the assembled system will please you with its cute illumination. The system fans are all equipped with highlighting, and there are three highlighting tubes in the front panel, too. That’s quite a nice night lamp, actually. Modders are going to appreciate this, but people who have their computer working all day long may find such highlighting irritating.

The Raidmax Smilodon system case came to our labs together with a Raidmax KY-600ATX power supply.

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