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This roundup covers five power supplies from Hiper. One of them is based on the HPU-5M730-SK but the other four are not only new in terms of parameters and functionality but are even made by a different manufacturer. Hiper has changed its supplier to the well-known Channel Well Technology (CWT).

The functionality of the new PSUs shouldn’t disappoint you, though. Three of them feature an integrated USB hub, for example.

Testing Methodology

Click the following link for a description of our testing methodology and equipment and a brief explanation of what the specified and tested parameters of power supplies mean: X-bit Labs Presents: Power Supply Unit Testing Methodology In-Depth. If you feel overwhelmed with the numbers and terms this article abounds in, check out an appropriate section of the mentioned article for an explanation.

You can also check our Cooling/PSU section for more reviews of power supply units.

Hiper Type M HPU-4M630-PE V1

The first PSU to be tested today belongs to the simplest series of Hiper products. There is nothing extraordinary about its accessories or functionality.

The PSU comes in a plain-looking gray cardboard box. The PSU model and wattage are reported by a white sticker. Besides the PSU, the box contains a user manual, a few adapters (see below) and a special power cord.

The power cord consists of two parts connected via a round 3-pin connector. You can change its plug when necessary. The practical purpose is rather vague, though. Few people carry power supplies with them from one country to another as most of us use notebooks on voyages. Then, if you are going to another country where different wall outlets are used and you can’t leave your favorite PC behind, it is simpler to change the whole cord, especially as the PSU’s connector is perfectly standard.

This design doesn’t provoke any problems, though. The two sections of the cord use a threaded connection which is absolutely reliable.

The PSU is somewhat larger than standard. Its length is 180 millimeters as opposed to 145 millimeters of typical ATX power supplies. The HPU-4M630 won’t suit a small system case, but can be easily installed into a full-size one.

The PSU case is covered with black matte paint that is somewhat rough to the touch. The side panels are perforated and the manufacturer mentions this among the PSU’s features although such perforation produces neither positive nor negative effect. Some air is driven from the PSU back into the system case, but not much of it. About half of the perforation area is blocked with insulation from the inside.

You can see this in the photo above: the white plate is insulation that isolates the heatsinks of the PSU’s high-voltage section from the panels of the case.

The interior design is typical of PSUs manufactured by Channel Well Technology (CWT). I have seen this design, with minor variations in the shape of the heatsinks and the color of the shrinkable pipes on the chokes, in PSUs selling under the brands of Thermaltake, Corsair, Gigabyte, etc.

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