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Hiper Type M II HPU-5M730-SE V1

The HPU-5M730-SE is a close relation of the HPU-5M730-SK we tested earlier, but it has nothing to do with the other models covered in the present review. Its component layout and electronics differ considerably.

There is one common trait, though. The 5M730-SE has an integrated USB hub, too. It offers only four ports (and there is one more port for powering USB devices). As opposed to the above-discussed models, this one is cooled with an 80mm fan and there is just no place on its external panel for an 8-port hub.

The component mounting is very dense on the inside: the PSU’s electronics reside on two PCBs facing each other. It is now clear why an 80mm fan is used here.

The PSU is not superior to the above-discussed models functionally, i.e. in its specifications. Like them, it has active PFC and dedicated voltage regulation. In my review of the 5M730-SK I complained at sloppy soldering, but the 5M730-SE is free from this problem.

The USB hub card is located next to the external panel of the case and protected with a copper screen. The high-voltage and high-frequency electronic components located nearby would have affected the stability of the USB interface without the screening. The component mounting is very dense indeed.

The PSU is cooled with one 80x80x25mm fan (Martech DF0802512B2UN). The fan needs only 5 watts of power and should be quiet.

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