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It is the first four models that are the most interesting products from Hiper in this roundup. They are manufactured by Channel Well Technology, a renowned maker who has but recently begun to work with Hiper.

Before the tests I had expected to see ordinary power supplies from CWT, like many similar models selling under other brands. But I was surprised twice. First, some of Hiper’s PSUs have such a unique feature as an integrated 8-port USB 2.0 hub with dedicated power supply. It may come in handy as USB is the most widespread peripheral interface nowadays. You surely won’t run out of free USB ports with such a power supply.

And second, the PSUs proved to be good in terms of noisiness. For example, they are somewhat quieter than Thermaltake’s Purepower RX and Toughpower PSUs that are manufactured on CWT’s facilities, too. And the difference grows larger in favor of Hiper’s products as the PSU wattage rating gets higher.

Thus, the new PSUs from Hiper pleased me a lot. They feature neat assembly, high wattage, stable operation, comfortable noise level and a good selection of connectors. I can recommend them for any PC configuration including advanced gaming stations with two top-end graphics cards. 

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