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Hiper Type R II HPU-5B680-PE V1

This PSU differs from the previous models with its packaging in the first place.

Instead of a boring gray box, there is a plastic case with a lid and handle. Once you’ve installed the PSU into your computer, you can use the case to store your tools or something.

The accessories are the same as included with the previous models: a power cord with changeable plugs, a user manual and a few adapters. The adapters are packed into a neat pouch (in the above-discussed kits they were packed into ordinary plastic bags).

The most exciting thing about this PSU can be founded at the top of its external panel. There are as many as nine USB connectors here!

Opening the PSU up, I found a small card with two 4-port USB hubs based on NEC’s chips. They provide a total of eight USB ports. The ninth port is connected to power supply only. Hiper suggests that you use it to recharge your cell phone or MP3 player. Some external HDDs may also need additional power from a USB port. This ninth port supports a load current up to 1A whereas an ordinary USB port, no higher than 0.5A.

Of course, I checked out how well the USB ports operated in the vicinity of the PSU’s electronics that generated a wide range of electromagnetic interference and found no problems whatsoever. USB flash drives and a Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini worked normally. There were no errors when I copied large files to them and between them. And the maximum speed was over 30MBps just as you could expect from a USB 2.0 interface.

Otherwise, the PSU electronics copy the HPU-4M630-PE model.

This model is developed and manufactured by Channel Well. It features active PFC and dedicated voltage regulation. A CM6800G chip is employed as a PWM controller.

The PSU has capacitors from Samxon at its output.

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