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Hiper Type R II HPU-5K880-PE V1

The fifth series of Hiper power supplies includes high-wattage models, too. For example, it is the 800W HPU-5K880-PE. The letter K in its name denotes the color of the case: brown as opposed to matte black (denoted with the letter M) or blue (B).

Like the 5B680, the 5K880 is shipped in a plastic box.

The two models do not differ externally save for the color of the housing. The top 35 millimeters of the external panel are occupied by an 8-port USB 2.0 hub and a ninth port for powering or recharging USB devices.

The hub had no problems working with external drives (flash drives and HDDs). The maximum data-transfer rate was somewhat higher than 30MBps. This is the practical limit of the USB 2.0 interface as you can learn from any of our reviews of external drives.

The interior design of the PSU is the same as that of the HPU-4M880 model I have tested above, excepting the additional card with the USB hub.

The PSU employs KZE series capacitors from United Chemi-Con.

The PSU is cooled with a 120mm Yate Loon D14SH-12 fan that has a metallized impeller and is highlighted with four blue LEDs.

The impeller is opaque and reflective, so you can only see four streaks of light opposite the LEDs as opposed to PSUs in which the fan is made from translucent plastic.

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