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Zaria A20 SIM

The Zaria series includes higher-class products which are about 50% more expensive than the Taran described in the previous section. The SIM (System Intelligent Management) version costs even more. Now let’s see what we get for such money.


The Zaria A20 looks more exciting than the previous model thanks to its solid aluminum door covering the external drive bays. The large silvery plate in the bottom right corner of the front panel – a kind of a foot pedal – serves as a Power button here. The overall appearance of the case is neat and restrained.

Most manufacturers produce multiple variations of the same system case painted different colors and with or without a side window. Ikonik decided instead to include a piece of translucent plastic for the side panel into the kit. This is a questionable solution as most users know beforehand if they need a translucent window or a mesh for better cooling. So, if you want a mesh, you will have to pay for the included window you won’t use. On the other hand, if you have not made up your mind yet, you can try both variants with this system case.

It is easy to replace the mesh with the window: both are fastened with 12 screws to the side panel of the case.

The front door covers a standard glossy plastic panel.

Like the previous model, this one has a block of I/O interfaces under a soft-plastic cover on the top panel. The selection of interfaces is wider now. Besides audio connectors, two USB ports and an eSATA port, there is a FireWire connector and a Power button. The latter can be pressed through the cover, which is soft. Thus, you can enable one of two Power buttons and use the other for resetting the computer (we guess resetting a hung-up computer with a kick on the bottom button will be a good way to relieve your stress).


The back panel is almost the same as the above-discussed junior model’s including a preinstalled 120mm fan and rubberized openings for the pipes of a liquid cooling system. The right panel needs closer inspection as there are two 80mm fans (15mm thick) behind the vent holes at its top.

One thing can be noted about the back panel, though. There are thin vibration-absorbing strips on the ledges for the power supply. Of course, few people will install a strongly vibrating low-quality PSU into this rather expensive system case, yet this care about the user is heart-touching anyway.

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