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Ikonik’s system cases feature a good chassis from high-quality metal, a good cooling system (with preinstalled fans), and a screw-less fastening mechanism for drives. However, they are not free from drawbacks. For example, the short length of the Taran case does not allow it to accommodate a graphics card longer than 245 millimeters and there can be problems with shorter cards, depending on the position of their power connectors and the design of your PSU’s cables. Thus, this system case will only do for office or not-very-powerful home configurations, and its price is not appealing then. The Ikonik Zaria is free from this problem and allows to assemble any configuration, even a dual-processor one. But the Zaria is more expensive and we don’t like its screw-less mechanism for fastening expansion cards, its low efficiency of cooling HDDs (although it has a front fan), and virtually useless but noisy 80mm fans on the side panel. Of course, these are not serious defects, but we might expect such a highly positioned product to be free from them.

The SIM technology for controlling system fans is quite a handy feature. Its interface is simple and intuitive. So, if you think your mainboard offers limited fan management options, you may prefer to buy the SIM version of the system case. For other users, SIM will have no point, especially as modern mainboards come with rather effective automatic fan speed control of their own. And do not forget that, as opposed to mainboards whose fan speed control is enabled in BIOS, SIM can only be used from Windows. Other OSes are not yet supported.

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