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Ikonik Vulcan 1000W and 1200W

The last pair of PSUs comes from the Vulcan series, too, but these are high-wattage products that have nothing to do with the junior Vulcans. The model names are IP-IK00A-AAAA and IP-IK20A-AAAA.

Package and Accessories, Exterior Design

The senior Vulcans come in the same boxes as the junior ones, and the huge bunch of cables of these high-wattage PSUs barely fits in.

The PSUs are very large with a length of 200 millimeters. I have seen even longer PSUs, up to 220 millimeters, yet 200 millimeters is already too long for small system cases. On the other hand, I don’t think that users of compact computers will buy 1000W power supplies. Still, you should make sure before the purchase that your particular case can accommodate this PSU.

The mains connector and the On/Off switch are located in the middle of the panel. This provokes no inconvenience, except during tests (I usually fasten the sensor for measuring the temperature of the output air in the spot where the Vulcan has a mains connector).

Like the junior Vulcans, these PSUs have a highlighted fan and a shining letter O on the side panel.

There are nine connectors for detachable cables on the back panel of the PSU (four for graphics cards and five for peripherals). They are different shapes and colors to help you connect everything properly. There is also a switch for turning the fan’s highlighting on and off here.

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