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Fan Speed Control

The PSUs are cooled with 140x140x25mm fans (Yate Loon D14BH-12).

The junior model’s fan begins to work at 1150rpm and maintains this speed until a load of 600W.

The senior model’s graph is almost the same, which is another proof of my point that you should not buy a higher-wattage PSU hoping that it will be quieter.

Like the other PSUs from Ikonik, these PSUs are average in terms of noisiness. They will suit many users except for the most fastidious ones.

Efficiency and Power Factor

The efficiency is very good, reaching 88% at the maximum and being about 85% at full load.

The senior model has an efficiency of 82% at a load of 1160W. This is a record-breaking result for such a high-wattage PSU. For comparison, Channel Well’s PUC series had an efficiency of 80.5% at 1200W load.

+5Vsb Source

The PSUs have a high load capacity of the standby source – up to 6A. Unfortunately, its voltage drops below the permissible 4.75V at full load. This must be due to the contact’s resistance: there is only one pin for the standby source in the mainboard’s connector.


The design of the senior models of the Vulcan series provokes no questions but both PSUs had problems during the tests. Each sample has problems of its own. The 1000W model has a reduced +5V voltage even though the latter fits within the permissible limits. The 1200W model has problems with its switching regulators that show up as strong pulsation at a frequency of 3.8kHz on the +5V and +3.3V rails.

It is logical to suppose that these defects arise from the platform being new. These PSUs are manufactured by Channel Well as part of the newest DSR series. Hopefully, CWT engineers will eventually achieve the same stable and high quality with this platform as with the above-discussed DSA and PSH.

So far, I cannot recommend the senior models of the Ikonik Vulcan series for purchase. Besides the mentioned drawbacks, they are more expensive than same-wattage PSUs from other brands.

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