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UPS Compatibility

The PSU worked with my uninterruptible power supply at loads up to 380W when powered by the mains, but had problems when powered by the batteries. The pair switched to the batteries normally but was only stable at a PSU load of 300W or lower.

Thus, these PSUs can work with UPSes but you should choose a high-quality UPS with a reserve of power.

Voltage Stability

This is an ideal picture just as you could expect from a PSU with dedicated voltage regulation. The +12V voltage remains within a 1% deflection from the nominal value irrespective of load while the +5V and +3.3V deflect by no more than 3%. As you can guess, this PSU will easily work under any load allowed for by its specifications.

The senior model is just as good: the max output power is higher by 200W, but the diagram is still ideal.

Output Voltage Ripple

The output voltage ripple of the junior model is perfectly visible (especially the triangle shape on the +12V rail) but does not leave the allowable limits even at full load.

The 850W version has a sharper shape of 5V pulsation but everything is within the norm again.

Fan Speed Control

The PSUs are cooled by 140x140x25mm fans (Yate Loon D14BH-12). Is this fan noisy?

The fan works at 1000rpm at first and then begins to accelerate at a load of 400W. The max speed is 2000rpm.

The senior model behaves in the same way, but we can see now that 1950-2000rpm is this fan’s limit. It does not get faster than that.

Thus, these PSUs are average in terms of noisiness. Most users are going to be perfectly satisfied but you should consider other PSUs if you want silence. Ikonik’s Vulcans are no different from PSH series power supplies from other brands in this aspect.

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