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So, it’s almost like an open testbed with some reservations: the HDD is cooled much better while the chipset and the mainboard’s power elements don’t heat up much. There’s no need for my comments, actually. This is just a superb system case. There are no cooling-related problems with any of the system components. The exterior design may be arguable, but is surely original. The quality of manufacture is highest. There are no dust filters, but this is a specific accessory that is not very important for people who buy such system cases.

It’s up to you to buy it or not, but Lian Li has made an excellent and remarkable system case. You won’t forget it after you’ve seen it just once. And I can also add one personal thing: I haven’t enjoyed assembling a computer in a “right” system case that much for very long. I express my sincere thanks to Lian Li for this pleasure and hope that it’s not the last time I meet this company’s excellent products.

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