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Exterior Design and Functionality

So, the Lian Li PC-777 system case is shipped in a big and nicely designed box:

At least you can get a notion of what is contained within. You should take a friend of yours when you go for this purchase. Even though aluminum, this system case is not light, and the box is rather too large to be easily handled by one person. In reality, the case has a much more imposing appearance than its image on the box:

The design is original, but won’t satisfy everyone’s taste, I guess. This is not a mass product, after all. The system case is obviously meant to stand on the floor. If you place it on the desk, you will find it difficult to access the Power and Reset buttons as well as the optical drive installed in the top bay. The stamping on the stand indicates that the product belongs to the anniversary series.

The stand itself is an example of sheer squandering. The 6mm aluminum plate seems to contain as much metal as the whole chassis of an ordinary aluminum system case costing $60-80 (there are a lot of such cases nowadays, but their quality is about as low as their price).

The manufacturer’s attention to detail should be acknowledged, particularly the neat feet and the wavy notches on the edges of all the plates, be it a side panel or a stand:

You can’t cut your fingers and the appearance of the product is greatly improved. It is in such trifles that the quality of a product is reflected.

I was somewhat surprised to see a floppy drive faceplate:

We’ve already progressed into the 21st century, but this atavism still persists. If you’ve already forgot what a floppy diskette looks like, you can try to buy and install a multi-format card-reader into this bay for the system to look complete. There is only one decorative faceplate for a 5.25” bay.

People at Lian Li must be of the opinion that there should not be more than one optical drive in a PC. Perhaps they are right, but not all users share the same point of view, and it wouldn’t have been difficult for the manufacturer to put yet another faceplate into the box.

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